"...the administration sent more security guards to block access to the World War II Memorial than they did to guard our consulate in Benghazi!" - KY Senator Rand Paul That statement alone is a very compelling one and should send chills up every American's spine on just whom it is we are dealing with in our White House. The list of "historic" actions continues, ones that lately are showing the "dark side" of a man possessed. It appears we have a POTUS whom's list of "firsts" and even "historic" continues to be one reflecting a sourpuss, vindictive demeanor. Not even former President Bill Clinton showed as much disrespect for our surviving military veterans, as much contempt for the U.S. Constitution, and hatred for the Republican party, as well as all the over-the-top theatrics to make his point... as Barrack Hussein Obama, and under Clinton there were two "Government Shutdowns". The "Affordable Care Act" or ACA notoriously known as "Obamacare" has taken three years to become familiarized and it's contents finally becoming known since it became "law". Obama and Harry Reid are denying every attempt by the House to pass a budget and end the shutdown simply because they want the clearly unpopular and imploding ACA to be funded. Why is Obamacare SO important to the point of critical emergency be fully implemented? The truth is, it isn't. The original goal and entire point of "Healthcare reform" as it was being referred to back in 2009 was to make healthcare more affordable and more widely available to all Americans. What we got was nothing of the sort, and people are pissed off at premiums much higher than before with less quality care. The ACA was promised not to be "nationalized" like Canada and United Kingdom. Democrats even mocked those that suggested the notion as "Conspiracy Theory". As it turns out, the theory was correct. This is a nationalized, IRS-policed TAX that is neither affordable, constitutional or even what the People asked for. Senator Rand Paul is right. Obama is far more concerned with playing political theater at the expense of taxpayers and our veterans than he was with providing adequate security for our consulate in a volatile region, and unwilling to negotiate about it simply because "it's been the law for three years". As if laws cannot be repealed or abolished, just as the Jim Crow laws, Slavery, and the prohibition of alcohol, among a long list of previous historically bad laws that were bid their due riddance. Also, as if he is not constantly looking for new excuses to attack our inalienable right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd amendment clearly states this right shall not be infringed, and has been our constitutional and inalienable law for over 220 years.... yet we are expected to leave a congressional "act" alone? because "too late, it's already the law"? Congressman and Obama voters that support the ACA, aka Obamacare, are beginning to wise up to just how terrible, expensive and oppressive this "law" is, and it must be stopped. "Obamacare" has nothing to do with healthcare, folks, and everything to do with big government expansion and control over the People.

Is Preston Ely’s Instant Guru course a Scam?

Maybe you’ve received a message in your inbox about this Instant Guru course by Preston Ely, or perhaps a friend told you about it, whatever the case, you’ve found this article looking for more information on this course, or to see if it’s just another internet scam.
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Here Is What You Will Be Learning in Preston Ely’s Instant Guru Course

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The first class addresses all the fears, doubts, objections and questions you may have that could hinder your ability to get the results that you want. Also you will be introduced to several of the big players … the “gurus”.

Week 2: “Fake it till you make it”

I know you have heard this before. Now, to be clear, this is not in the sense of lying or giving a false front of success when you have none. Preston touches on this concept a little in all the courses I’ve been through of his, so I understand that when he says this, that he means it as a mindset, a sort of “attitude adjustment”. In other words, the idea isn’t to decieve others into believing something that isn’t true. The idea is to correct your own way of thinking to believe that you are already successful before you actually see it. This is a tough concept to grasp, but in order to be successful, you have to think like a successful person, you have to first believe in yourself, so that others can believe in you. That said, you will learn -

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The Latest, Most Awesome Man of Steel Trailer from Nokia

On June 14th, 2013, the highly anticipated new Superman franchise reboot Man of Steel will finally hit theaters. Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) and produced by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception), has (major production film and storywise) taken a similar approach Nolan’s Batman franchise has taken, one that assumes there never were any other Batman or Superman movies in the past, not out of any disrespect for any previous films of 

nokia man of steel thumb postercourse, but of a very new re-imagining of the familiar Superman story,just with more backstory and Kryptonian elements. Judging from the trailers released, especially over the last two weeks, this story will follow the malice of one of Superman’s(Henry Cavill) most notorious enemies, Kryptonian General Zod(Michael Shannon) and his army.

[here is a great interview with Nolan on how the story has taken shape with screenwriter David Goyer(The Dark Knight Rises)]

Nokia Exclusive Man of Steel trailer peaks Anticipation

The new “surprise” exclusive Nokia trailer is already at nearly 3 million views in less than 36 hours, that’s pretty impressive considering MoS Trailer 4 has 9.2 million views in two full weeks, and I didn’t think a trailer would be released that could top that one. Needless to say, any doubts or reservations I had regarding Man of Steel have all vanished. Man of Steel has to be one of the most personally anticipated movies in a very long time, not really since LOTR have I been so looking forward to a film.


Check out this new exclusive Nokia trailer for Man of Steel

Hans Zimmer: A Fantastic New Score for Superman: Man of Steel

One of the great things about growing up through the 70′s and 80′s was that I was priveleged to many great film composers, so I have a very deeply embedded opinion that aside from the story and acting, the lack of a good musical score will kill the film. As it turns out, the 70′s had Jerry Goldsmith(Star Trek films, Alien, The Omen trilogy), John Williams (Star Wars trilogy, Superman, E.T.), and in the 80′s we had Danny Elfman (Batman, Beetlejuice, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure). More recently, we have had James Newton Howard (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit), and of course, Hans Zimmer. So as a rule, a really good musical score is one of the first things I look for when I am anticipating a new “blockbuster” movie or franchise, and needless to say, is why I am not a big fan of the new J.J Abrams “Star Trek” reboot, I just felt the first movie was pretty weak on the score, regardless of anything else it had going for it. On the flipside, Howard Shore‘s work on Lord of the Rings was absolutely incredible, and I cannot imagine any other composer capable of what Shore brought to those films, except maybe the late Jerry Goldsmith.

superman nokia general zod man of steel footer

…so people keep asking “what is the name of this track on this Man of Steel trailer?!”

The piece of course is a sample taken from the films soundtrack, written and composed by Hans Zimmer, which is scheduled to be released on June 10th on Amazon and iTunes. I still haven’t identified exactly which track it is, but it’s a very powerful piece and just makes this trailer that much more awesome. Hans Zimmer’s work in Inception, and The Dark Knight Trilogy (along with James Newton Howard) were pretty ‘darned good’, but judging from the piece in this trailer, I think he may have seriously outdone himself, but as of this writing, Man of Steel is still a week away from release, so we have yet to see if it matches the legendary status of John Williams’ 1978 score. However, I believe that as Nolan, Snyder and Goyer have their own new approach to the Superman story, so does Zimmer have for the musical score, so I personally do not expect any attempted ‘replacement’ of William’s work here, but I do expect a brand new fantastic musical score that may just as easily become just as legendary and memorable as Williams’ work.

No Disrespect to the late, great Christopher Reeve

We were first introduced (on film) to Zod and the “Phantom Zone” in “Superman 2″ starring the late Christopher Reeve. I was not quite a teenager at 9 when those films first debuted from 1978 on, first with “Superman: The Movie” but as we can all look back and snicker a little bit at the “campiness” of the outdated effects, we still hold a special place in our hearts for Reeve’s nerdy, clumsy, stuttering Clark Kent, at times very human, and superhuman heroics of a more traditional “Middle America” Superman, Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor, and of course Terence Stamp as the arrogant and pompous General Zod whom so amusingly referred to a shotgun as a “crude noisemaker”.

Michael Shannon Looks like a Much More Menacing General Zod

general zod man of steel nokia trailer

Trailer still of General Zod’s (Michael Shannon) glowing eyes after using heat vision

I hope you have gained some helpful information from this article, if so, bookmark it, and please feel free to leave your comments, like and share this page.

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Category: Entertainment


Quite often, in fact too often, I see a Youtube video appear on my Facebook news feed featuring clips from one of the Hollywood

Liberal Left “spokespersons” – Bill “I just don’t get it” Maher, where someone saw the stupidity on his HBO weekly show and

decided to highlight and underscore the buffoonery from he and his likewise superficial, patronizing little friends that cannot

seem to think for themselves, perform honest research, or view a topic any deeper than face value.

Here we see in this video clip that aired May 3rd 2013. Bill Maher and his guests struggling to grasp the meaning of the 2nd

Amendment and it’s purpose, as well as spread more stereotypical characterizations about conservatives (specifically and always

“Republicans” or the “GOP”), and throwing in anti-gun rhetoric and wild misinformation for good measure. Unfortunately, Mr. Maher

consistently likes to create the illusion for his audience that he is some sort of “moderate”, by occasionally and very

lightheartedly poking fun (disguised as some sort of criticism) at his own Democratic party members. He actually must think that

his viewers are pretty stupid and easily fooled into believing that he is not the far leftist spokesperson he truly is, just

because he occasionally makes cracks toward Barack Obama. By that logic, we can all assume Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin

(whom is clearly a Republican conservative) is a “moderate” because she often criticizes the previous Bush administration as well

as current “RINOS” in our current government. Do not be fooled, and make no mistake, Bill Maher is about as far left as a clueless

television political opinion talk show host can get.

The Republican Party or “Grand Old Party” (GOP) is “Old”

The first talking point in this video I want to address is regarding the sterotypes constantly used to describe the Republican

Party as “old” and “no young people” seem to exist. Really, Bill? How old are you? Do you consider yourself “young”? Do you

consider people like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin “old”? The reality Bill, is this is pure ignorant bigotry based in

fantasy land and completely contradicts the image of “progressives” or even “moderates” that claim to be so “tolerant” and claim

the characterization of themselves as the only political group (Democrats specifically) which promotes “diversity”. This of course

is completely false, and further brainwashes the Democratic portion of Americans with the absurd idea that conservatives (specifically Republicans) are

“old” and “racist”, not to mention the silly notion that the Republican Party is somehow obsolete or even “antiquated”, which is a

favorite characterization and overall theme Democrats love to use on more than just conservatives, but also the United States

Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yeah, apparently, the founding documents for this country are old and obsolete, and we should just throw away parts of it but keep the part that has made Bill, and the rest of the Hollywood political ding dongs, $$$ RICH $$$ – the First Amendment.

Bill Maher uses this tactic constantly, as do his looney tune Democratic guests, in their attempts to

discredit, and paint those of us whom simply wish to protect the Constitution and our rights, as “right-wing extremists” which

brings us to the next talking point…

The 2nd Amendment Cannot Protect You from Tyranny

I love this one. It is amusing just as it is equally cause for concern for those whom choose to keep living in their safe little bubble.

This is a perfect example of the typical leftist tactic of magnifying a scenario to such a degree of unlikelihood and absurdity

that it automatically discredits something very real and possible, while simultaneously making themselves out to be pompous,

arrogant hecklers disrespecting the very thing that allows them to do so without fear of imprisonment,torture or death, (aka

“Tyranny”). I call that “irony”, which the 1st Amendment cannot protect you from, Bill.

Bill Maher tries to discredit the purpose(s) of the 2nd Amendment by creating the absurd scenario that our civilians armed with

guns “cannot win versus the government” on account that “they have nuclear bombs, F-22′s, drones and tanks”, so apparently the People may

as well just lay down and concede to the government right now. We may as well just turn all our guns in right now, being that we

can’t win against a tyrannical government, right Bill?

So Bill here is taking the term “tyranny” (as most of us pro-second amendment citizens use it) completely out of context, and is

suggesting the highest degree of Tyranny possible in his scenario, which is basically the government declaring war, and turning

it’s own military might against the People it governs, turning our soil into a war zone and wiping out the population with nuclear

bombs, tanks and drones. Aside from Democrats, no one has mentioned this degree of tyranny or even suggesting Barrack Obama is one

stubbed toe away from siccing the military upon the American People. Tyranny, but only in an indirect, gradual sense is referred to

when explaining to anti-second amendment democrats that there is a key purpose for it far beyond duck hunting. The Founding

Fathers of the United States did not include the right to keep and bear arms in order to allow people to simply hunt deer and

ducks. As Jesse Ventura pointed out to Piers Morgan, “in those days, if you didn’t hunt and fish, you didn’t eat”. Furthermore,

the Second Amendment is not the only inalienable right outlined in the Bill of Rights that are designed to thwart tyranny and empower the People to

have and protect personal life, liberty and property. They ALL are.

If you read each amendment in the Bill of Rights, and then

consider they were not included, one or all of them, then imagining the absence of one of them, like the Right to Due Process (for

example) then that would be an example of “tyranny”. Imagine one could not criticize it’s government figures. Tyranny. Imagine if

one were not allowed a fair and speedy trial or representation. Tyranny. Imagine if one were taxed almost all wages. Tyranny.

As one can see, “tyranny” comes in all degrees and forms, not just evil murderous dictators hell-bent on genocide.

Keeping all of that in mind, the only reason why we are talking about tyranny in the first place, is not because of “fear” or

“paranoia”, it is because the anti-gun crowd keeps asking the same rhetorical question over and over again about “needs” when it

comes to particular types of firearms and ammunition capacity. Mostly, this question of “why does anyone need X gun?” is

ironically the only position that comes from any sort of “fear and paranoia” at all.

Jon Stewart: Another leftist Hollywood Assclown that mocks the Second Amendment

Jon Stewart: Another leftist Hollywood Assclown that mocks the Second Amendment

Why Does Anyone “Need” an “Assault Weapon”?

This question is akin to asking why a Samurai “needs” such a dangerous looking “assault blade”. For starters, it is simply their

right to own and carry their katana, spear, Naginata, or any variety of weapons a Samurai might have used to protect himself and

their Lords. Now, in America we are not servants to anyone, and we might even be civilians, but to keep and bear arms is not a privelege, it is a birthright. That said, a semi-automatic AR-15 (for example) is not even anywhere near as powerful as a variety of hunting rifles

and shotguns, and yet the AR-15 is suddenly “public enemy No.1″. As legal American citizens, we all have the right to keep and

bear arms. Fully automatic firearms, bombs and tanks, are not available to the general public and are reserved for active military

personnel only, because those are the actual “weapons of war”. Fully automatic firearms (aka “Machine Guns”) have virtually been

banned from the public since freaking 1986 - with a couple of exceptions – as well as at least $10,000 in fees and lots of red tape.

…but back to Bill Maher and his buffoonery….

Tyranny can be quite indirect and gradual, like the kind Adolf Hitler placed upon his own people. Hitler would not have risen to

power, and seized the additional power if not for this type of Tyranny. The kind that came from a loved, trusted and respected

ruler that promised protection and prosperity, and his iron grip started with gun confiscation.

So the people that constantly remind gun grabbers that the second amendment is designed to be the last line of defense if a

tyrannical government should begin or arrive at a similar level as Hitler, or even something resembling that which America won

it’s indpendence from, it isn’t out of “fear” and “paranoia”, we just happen to remember what it is for, and are not foolish

enough to think it cannot happen again.

This guy from MSNBC (well placed on the “far left” of the guest panel), Lawrence O’Donnell, constantly refers to the Republican

party as “lunatics” because his claim of a number of 44% “believe we may have to rise up against the government and turn our guns

on people in military uniform”.

Hint: Not all Gun Owners are as crazy as this guy

Hint: Not all Gun Owners are as crazy as this guy

I have no idea what this clown O’Donnell is even talking about, but no mention (of
course) on what basis this “44%” might believe that, or under what circumstances. The guy that kept getting interrupted by
O’Donnell, also did a really poor job of dispelling the myth that gun owners or even “republicans” are interested in any kind of
“insurrection” or wish to wage war with our own military. However, one would like to think that our military and law enforcement
officers would honor their oaths and duty to protect the constitution and the American people and not follow any orders from a
tyrannical government in the first place. Anyway this guy speaks about the “conspiracy theories” regarding tyranny he doesn’t subscribe to, and
claims that “this is where most of this is coming from”, and even further suggests tyranny is perhaps 1 or 2 centuries in the future, again spreading misinformation, as if it’s just looney to be on the alert for it today, so we should just allow the government to impose it’s will upon the people for whatever it sees fit today. Uh, no dude, the idea that tyranny is here NOW is by simple observation on the actions being taken by our government over the last decade and amplified by the current administration. Observation. Not “conspiracy theories”.

Are We Witnessing Tyranny from the Obama Administration?

I would say we have been witnessing “tyranny” for several decades, as our rights are being infringed upon, one eroding regulation
at a time. However, the Obama administration is a perfect example of “huge government” that is tirelessly looking to restrict,
regulate, erode or outright abolish key aspects outlined in our Bill of Rights. This is not any sort of conspiracy theory if one
has been paying any attention at all to the measures being proposed on gun control, all the way to various new taxes, to

The NDAA or “National Defense Authorization Act” Executive Order signed by Barack Obama on News Years Eve 2012, effectively allows
(among other things) the government to basically ignore the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Bill of Rights. That is tyranny, folks,
just for existing, a violation of our constitution, and exactly what Rand Paul’s filibuster in March 2013 was about when the Senate was seeking
to cast a vote on Obama’s recommendation for the next CIA director, John Brennan. Indeed, the use of military drones on american
citizens is a violation of due process, and the Obama administration refused to answer Rand’s question on drone policy on American
citizens on American soil outside of any actual attack.

The recent push for stricter gun regulation following the tragic attack in Newtown, CT., outlines bans of specific types of firearms

(so-called “assault weapons” as well as other semi-automatic firearms and handguns), a limit on magazine capacity, a call for

“universal background checks”, (which is already required by all states and governed by all states) among other regulations that

have nothing to do with protecting anyone, and everything to do with expansion of government power and control.

The United Nations “Arms Trade Treaty”, is designed to police and regulate supposed international arms trafficking, which of

course most people would agree with, but introduces national gun control language that can be expanded upon and abused in future

governments, just as Obama has expanded upon and abused the Patriot Act and the drone program.

Immigration reform is another hot topic. My great grandparents immigrated here on a ship from Sicily in the 1890′s, settled in

Ybor City, FL, worked in cigar factorys and had two sons. They overcame ridiculous odds to come here and seek out better

opportunity. There was a legal way to immigrate to America then, and there is a legal way to immigrate to America now. However,

many immigrants come here legally and overstay their visa’s, making them illegal. Democrats in favor of illegal immigrant

“amnesty” like to use the argument that “immigration was much easier than it is today”, in the hope that the foolish will agree

with them. Entering the country had a lot less red tape, that is true, but to say that immigration to America was easier a century

ago is pure nonsense. Immigrants (especially non-english speaking) usually worked in vile factory conditions for little pay and

little education, not to mention a language barrier and therefore did not have equal opportunity, benefits, government assistance

as immigrants do today. Stricter immigration rules? Yes. More difficult? No.

Gun Control: Nice form and balance of the guns

Gun Control: Nice form and balance of the guns

Lastly on this topic, the “Immigration Reform Bill” is now said to include a “National ID” scheme thrown in, so while most people will vote to reform immigration laws, they will also

be unwittingly voting to give the government even more power to track a citizen’s every move, and deny those citizens that do not

have one, certain priveleges. This, again, is tyranny.

These are examples of tyranny, they are not “conspiracy theories” or the wild imaginations of the paranoid “pro-gun crowd”.
Tyranny, in order to be most effective, as we have learned from the past, is done with a kiss on the cheek and a knife in the

back. So we must be aware and alert, we must be awake. We must not be decieved by promises of government protection and

prosperity. We must not be fooled by claims that there is no intention of gun confiscation, when the measures being proposed and

pushed so aggressively, even more so than any previous administration, all say differently.

There Is No Such Thing as a "Gun Show Loophole"

There Is No Such Thing as a “Gun Show Loophole”

Universal background checks is the same as universal gun registration and it is simply not necessary unless confiscation is the

next logical step. All gun sales already must occur through a licensed firearms dealer, and when done so, the buyer must pass a

thorough background check, firearm(s) being purchased are registered to the new owner. Additionally, most, if not all firearms

have a ballistics test done at the factory, and are shipped with a spent cartridge. When I purchased my Kahr K4043, it was

purchased through a licensed Kahr Arms dealer, and included the spent cartridge in a sealed envelope. What does all this mean? It

means the firearm was sold to a U.S. citizen, no criminal record, and the firearm registered to the buyer (myself), and in the

event I should suddenly decide to become a criminal and use my gun in a crime (which would never happen), and someone is killed

because I decided to pull the trigger, and homicide detectives have no suspect or gun to crosscheck the serial number engraved all

over the firearm, they still have a ballistics match with any spent casings found and even the bullet(s) found.

For this reason, along with good old fashioned morality and respect for human life, is why hardly any murders occur by law abiding

citizens, and also why these same citizens are not stupid enough to sell firearms currently registered to themselves to complete

strangers via the mythical “gun show loophole” that claims that as high as 40% of gun sales are done without a background check by

“unscrupulous” sellers. First of all, this myth is outdated and is based on a 20 year old survey from the early 1990′s. Second,

I’ve been to many gun shows in Florida (Florida is called the “Gunshine State” because of it’s reputation for being one of the

most pro-gun states), and every single one of them rarely had any private gun sellers, almost all sellers are licensed firearms

dealers, and background checks are mandatory, as dealers are not willing to risk their licenses (common sense) nor lack the

scruples in the first place to sell firearms to shady crooks. When I decided to sell my handgun 5 years later, I could have sold

it to just anyone, but for reasons I just outlined, I sold it right back to the dealer I originally purchased it from, and kept

the receipt, just in case. However, I have the peace of mind to know that the next buyer will now have that firearm registered to

them, not me.

My final thoughts on this topic of Bill Maher and his little liberal friends insisting they stay ignorant of the facts and even

worse, spreading their ignorance to their audiences, brainwashing the American people to believe such idiocy as Americans have a

“gun culture”, or even a “romance” with guns, as if any serious and educated gun owners (which describe most) were somehow victims

of some sort of “inappropriate sickness” not unlike that of pedophilia. I touch upon this because of Maher’s snide little swipe at

Rick Perry’s piece with an AR-15, which was clearly nothing more than to show his support of the 2nd amendment and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Tyranny, does not need to be an outright military assault on it’s own people (which is blatant treason) as Bill Maher and his panel of anti-gun, anti-NRA friends

will have you believe, so the idea that because the U.S. Military has obscenely advanced and therefore superior military weapons

is completely irrelevent, and in no way changes the fact that the second amendment to the Bill of Rights, along with all other

amendments, are there to thwart any form of tyranny, which is by definition a denial of or stripping of our inalienable rights as

human beings, from a subtle and gradual erosion of liberty to the highest degree of oppression or degradation of humanity, the

second amendment is the absolute last line of defense when all forms of the first line of defense (the 1st amendment) fail. It is

nothing more than a safeguard, against enemies foreign or domestic, and a government whom is agressively seeking to expand power

and limit the rights of the People as Barack Hussein Obama and his administration has been doing, in part of his own desires and

also by expanding the Patriot Act and Homeland Security, and signing new and/or amending previous Executive Orders to achieve

these goals when he does not get the support he wants from Congress, are all signs tyranny, and if the people do not wake up and

start paying attention to the vague language being used in some of these shady Bills, Executive Orders, and UN Treatys, if the

People do not bother to notice all of the blatant erosions of our libertys included in these new porposed measures and laws, they

will be unwittingly voting away their, OUR, rights without ever knowing it.


Why a Tycoon Partner Is the ONLY position to Place Yourself

Currently there are 3 membership levels within the

5 Minute Mogul 2.0 Compensation plan, all of which, upon meeting the qualification requirements, guarantee income. That is a great thing to know that no matter what, getting paid something in your business is guaranteed, right?

I want to specifically talk about one membership level in the 5 Minute Mogul 2.0 marketing and training platform here, and that is the Tycoon Partnership Program and why you shouldn’t hesitate to qualify for it as soon as possible.  Honestly, this is the only membership level anyone should be thinking about.

Run, don’t walk, to become a Tycoon Partner.

As a FREE member, as a unqualified FREE member of the 5 Minute Mogul 2.0 system, Kimball Roundy has provided 2 ways to qualify for each level of membership.

1. Through personal sales volume. There ar

e sales requirements in each desired membership lev
el to qualify for them.

2. Becoming a customer, which means instant qualification.

Pretty simple right?

Well, the first is “walking”, the second is “running”.

5 minute mogul systems 2.0 Tycoons

You can, at any level, qualify to the next level through personal sales volume. This is great, if you know you can achieve this quickly. To qualify for Tycoon Partner membership this way, means they need to have 3 personal sales … that must be passed up to someone above them that IS qualified.

There goes $3,000 in commissions.

Plus, whatever time and money invested in marketing to achieve those sales. Forget walking. That’s crawling.

Of course, I personally don’t mind if you do this, it might come right to me.

You might be thinking, “yeah, but until I build a team, I won’t be suffering any pass ups anyway.”

Normally, that might be true, as passup commissions are strictly dependent upon sales from an affiliate’s personal team. This is NOT true with the 5 Minute Mogul System.

Everyone in the company that joins after you, is on “your team”, because it is all ONE STRAIGHT COMPANY LINE. This is called the “Dynamic Compression Infinity Line”.

During the Dynamic Compression process, the system will pass up unqualified members as members beneath them qualify, and send those commissions to those that are qualified, above them. This means that, if you are not qualified – everyone between that sale and the next qualified affiliate will be getting multiple emails from the system notifying them that they just passed up $1000 commissions as people that joined AFTER them qualify by becoming Tycoon Partner customers, Industrialists, Apprentices etc.

This process happens across all levels in the system, however, as a Tycoon Partner, you qualify for 90% commissions from the sales coming from lower levels (not just 30 or 50%), which include passup sales as well as personal sales.

Now, the ads all say, “You are guaranteed to get paid”. Which is true. It is a mathematical certainty, especially with the bonus pools, that as a qualified member, that you will be paid.

I want to give you a somewhat opposite concept to think about though….

It is ALSO a mathematical certainty, that anyone not a Tycoon Partner will pass up thousands in commissions

5 Minute Mogul 2.0 just went live on March 1st, 2013, and really, even though hundreds are joining per day, ( that’s not including free members, then it would be roughly about 1200 now per day) traffic hasn’t even begun yet.

In the back office, Kimball Roundy, in partnership with Deagan Smith and others, are offering traffic co-op packages. These are “blended” traffic, PPC and Solo Ad, high quality traffic, and has been building for over a month now. This traffic will be starting at any time now, and when it does, BOOM! thousands entering the system per day, all underneath YOU.

Any one of those commissions from any level, will be flying upward to those that are qualified, and passing up those that are not.

What this means is, that if you are not qualified, especially for Tycoon Partner, it is a mathematical certainty you will be passing up an obscene amount of commissions, and you will know because the system will send you an email informing you of it, every time.

How many of those notifications will you suffer before you just buy the Tycoon Partner membership and get qualified?

How Can You Qualify to Be a Tycoon Partner and Never Lose Out on Commissions?

Again, through personal sales volume, or becoming a customer of the Tycoon Partner Membership.

Currently, at the time of this writing, it is still at the promotional 50% discount of $997, one time payment. In fact, this one-time payment offer was taken down a month before we went live and the only way to become a customer was through the 4 monthly payments of $300, which comes to $1200 total, which is still a bargain, but now, the one time payment of $997 has been re-opened, but I honestly have no idea for how long. When the promotional price period ends, it will go up to $1,997.

This is one reason why you want to take advantage of promotional prices and just upgrade to Tycoon Partner NOW.

What You Get With the Tycoon Partner Membership

* Access to Tycoon Partner Membership Program

* Product License Rights to earn 90% Commissions on $97 per month and $497 Products (instead of just 30-50%)

* 50% Commissions on $1997 Tycoon Partner sales (Instead of passing up three personal sales that = $3000 in order to get qualified)

* Dynamic Compression of ALL Products sold below you paid as though you sold them yourself (If sold by unqualified affiliate)

* Professional sales force closing your leads and making you $1000 commissions on Auto-Pilot! HUGE!

* Inclusion in all 4 GUARANTEED Income Infinity Line Dynamic Compression Bonus Pools

* Exclusive Tycoon Partner Monthly Webinars with “Back Stage Pass”

* Earn Dynamic Compression from ALL Income Streams within the system, including the two main featured income streams, Empower Network, and GVO/Pure Leverage.

* Work Personally with Kimball Roundy and Jeff Long.


This is in all qualified levels, but I wanted to include this part in my post because I believe it will likely become a staggering income, especially for us Tycoon Partners.

Plus, because shares are determined by “when” you join, it’s pretty time sensitive.

As in all 4 of the qualified bonus pools, each qualified member will earn shares from the people ABOVE them, no matter how far up the line, but only one share each. However, every person below, = 3 shares.  1 share from each person above, 3 shares from each person below.

Shares in the Tycoon bonus pools will be worth far more than in the lower levels because we represent (currently) about 10% of the qualified portion of the company.

Tycoon Partners qualify in all bonus pools below as well, which is even more reason to get qualified to Tycoon Partner RIGHT NOW.

Yes, you will make money in the lower levels, guaranteed, but not nearly as much as Tycoon Partners.

Additionally, I know that after receiving multiple emails notifying you every time you pass up a commission because you are not qualified yet, you are going to upgrade to Tycoon Partner anyway, so you might as well just get ALL IN and save yourself the pain of losing all those commissions. 

So make the decision, right now, become a Tycoon Partner, qualify ahead of hundreds or thousands of Tycoons after you, get the sales, get the huge bonus pool commissions, on top of all of the income streams set up on the front end, earning 100% commissions in both Empower Network, and Pure Leverage.

Again, you’re going to upgrade to Tycoon anyway, do it NOW for 50% off, at $997.

First, click on the banner below, create your free account, (check your spam folder) get all set up, then join the Tycoon Partner Club right away, this thing is about to blow up, you do NOT want to miss out on all those $1000 commissions and gauranteed bonus pool commissions.

5 minute mogul tycoon partner

5 minute mogul system

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